CallControl 2.5

CallControl is a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) software for Mac with Asterisk. Dial phone numbers from your desktop

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Use any phone
You don't need to care whether you are using a Snom, Cisco, Sipura, Aastra, Polycom, Tiptel or Siemens phone or whether it's using FXO, ISDN, SIP oder SCCP.CallControl works with almost every phone, as long as you or your provider is using an Asterisk PBX.
See who's calling
Know who's calling you. CallControl can match the incoming call right to an AddressBook record regardless of where it is saved: Local, iCloud, Exchange, AddressBook Server or LDAP. You'll also see a picture of the person calling you.
Call from your mac
Call everybody - they are just a fingertip away. You may dial you numbers right from CallControl and don't need you phone to type in a number. That makes calling out much easier especially if you are working in a mid to high-traffic environment.
Presence of your team
Your team is always there, even if you don't see them. You can add team members to CallControl which sets team features active. You can always see your team members call-state, pick-up (steal) calls or transfer every call directly to their desk using CallControl.
See what you missed while out-of-office
You need to know about missed calls and want to have a history of your dialed numbers? No problem. That's included in CallControl. In the History you have a list of every call with an icon showing you the type of call. For documentation purposes you can also see the duration of every call on your phone. You missed a call? No problem. Just double-click and you get back to everyone within seconds.
Smart number recognition
Everybody saves their numbers differently in AddressBook and numbering plans differ worldwide. CallControl knows most numbering plans worldwide and can recognize how you saved your number and prefix it with the right digits, if it's not in the correct format for direct dialing on the phone.

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The first version of CallControl was released in 2008 and featured “CTI for Mac with Asterisk 1.4″. Since then CallControl got some major overhauls and now works with every Asterisk version since 1.4. Centrex and VoIP providers worldwide offer CallControl to their customers as their first choice CTI application for MacOS X.

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CallControl works with MacOS X 10.8+ (Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan)

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CallControl enables you to use your phone right from your Mac in many ways. See how CallControl works...

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